Staff Biographies


Dr. Mugerwa Swidiq

Dr. Mugerwa is an accomplished innovative scientist with unrivalled publication record and has contributed enomously towards generation of novel knowledge, skills and productivity enhancing technologies. Because of his startegic and visionary thinking, committment and willingness to share knowledge, he has significantly contributed to intellectual capacity building, strengthen research infrastructure, resource mobilisation and improved accountability systems.

Currently he is venturing into plant biotechnology applications to enable the transfer of protein-synthesis traits in leguminous forages into high yielding fodder grasses to address the challenges of protein deficiency in small holder livestock  production systems.


Agriculture, Animal Production, Livestock Nutrition and welfare, Forage Science, Environment and Natural Resources Management, Rangeland management and Terrestrial Ecology.


Director of Research.

Contact address

National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI), Tororo, Uganda.


Ms. Kabirizi Jolly Mary


Senior Principal Research Officer – Forage agronomy

Projects (2010-2017)
  • Evaluation and utilisation of sorghum varieties and Tithonia Diversifolia as alternative feed resources for smallholder cattle and goat farmers;  (World Bank/NARO/ATAAS (USD  450,000; 2015-2017),  Principal investigator
  • Commercial production of NARO/NaLIRRI feed pellets for improved performance of dairy calves, heifers and cows, (World Bank/NARO/ATAAS (USD  200,000; 2016-2018),
Principal investigator
  1. Eastern Agricultural Productivity Programme (EAAPP) Dairy Research Component (World Bank/NARO) (US $ 630,000; 2011-2016)—- National Focal Point Person
  2. Harnessing crop-livestock integration to enhance food security and livelihoods resilience to effects of climate variability and climate change in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA LFP PRJ 12)” (USD 220,000; 2010-2016) —-Regional project coordinator
  3. Crop-livestock  integration for sustainable management of natural resources” 2009-2010) (ASARECA LFP 08) (USD 980,000; 2010-2011) —-Regional project coordinator
Publications (2014-2016)
  1. Katongole, C.B.; Kabirizi, J.; Nanyeenya, W.; Kigongo, J.; and Nviiri, G. (2016). Milk yield response of dairy cows fed supplements based on sorghum stover and Tithonia diversifolia leaf hay in northern Uganda. Trop Anim Health Prod (2016) 48: 1463. Doi:10.1007/s11250-016-1119-1
  2.  H. Natabirwa, J. Mukiibi, E. Zziwa and J. Kabirizi. (2016.) Nutritional and physicochemical properties of stored solar-dried cowpea leafy vegetables. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2016, 17 (1): 1 – 10. ISSN 2410-6909 (Online). ISSN 1026-0919 (Print)
  3. Kabirizi, Jolly M.; Ndikumana J.Njarui D.M.G.Mwilawa A.J.Minani E.Mugerwa S.Zziwa E (2014). Improving livelihoods in smallholder crop-livestock farming systems in Eastern and Central Africa. A catalogue of proven and practical climate smart agricultural technologies and innovations
  4. Kabirizi, Jolly M..; Ndikumana, J.; Njarui, D.M.G.; Kaganda, S.; Mugerwa, S.; Mwilawa, J. Minani, A. Nijimbere, A.; Wanyama, J.; Zziwa, E.; Nanyeenya, W. and Itabari, J. 2015. Climate change technologies for improved livelihoods of smallholder crop–livestock farmers in Eastern and Central Africa. In: Judith Anne Francis. (2015). Agricultural innovations for sustainable development. Contributions from the 3rd Africa-wide women and young professionals in science competition. Synthesis report: lessons learned. Vol. 4: issue 3. pp. 75-82.
  5. Kabirizi, Jolly M.; Mugerwa, S.; Kirunda, H.; Lukwago, G.; Oluka J.; Butungi, S.; Ssemabo, D.K.K.; Mubiru, F.; Nakimbugwe, H.  (2014). Feed resources management, genetic improvement and disease control in smallholder dairy systems. ISBN 9789970926909
  6. Zziwa, E. and Kabirizi, J. (2015). Constraints to integration of vegetable production in smallholder livestock systems of Uganda. International Journal of Research Studies in Biosciences (IJRSB) Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2015, PP 141-149 ISSN 2349-0357 (Print) & ISSN 2349-0365 (Online)
Awards (2014-2017)
  1. A cash award and certificate of merit as one of the 5 top winners of the 2014 “All Africa Young Professionals and Women in Science Competition Finals held at Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The competitions were sponsored by RUFORUM/CTA/ NEPAD/FARA/ATPS/AGRA. The title of the presentation was “Participatory testing of forage legume innovations with women farmers in Masaka district, Uganda: impact on fodder availability, animal performance and household income”. and
  2. A certificate from The Vision Group & The Netherlands Embassy, Uganda for outstanding contribution to the farming community in Uganda  (2014)
  3. Best NARO and Makerere University scientist in disseminating agricultural research technologies (2006-2016) awards scientist in promoting and disseminating Agricultural ResearchTechnologies.html (Nov 2016)
  4. 2017 International Women Day Golden Jubilee Medalist in recognition of the contribution to enhancing the livelihoods of the rural community  (March 2017)

Dr. Patrice Kasangaki


Senior Research Officer – Apicultural Scientistist

Patrice holds a PhD in Entomology with special interest in bee biology and population genetics. Patrice heads the apiculture research program at NaLIRRI and is the chairman of the NaLIRRI science committee. Patrice has a wide experience in agricultural research and extension having served in different capacities in those areas since 2001. Patrice has led and participated in several research projects and published several articles in different peer reviewed journals.

Patrice has proven ability to generate innovative agricultural technologies and offers technical expertise with excellent communication skills and is able to establish sustainable relationships with stakeholders across the world. He is able to manage conflicts, challenges, or interruptions in work environment. Patrice is able to make hard but necessary decisions that will promote the interest of the organization.


Mr. Freddy Kabi


Senior Research Officer – Parasitologist

Fredrick holds a PhD in Landscape Veterinary Epidemiology and Population Genetics. He is currently a Senior Research Scientist/ Program Leader Livestock Health Research at NaLIRRI. 

His research focus includes:
  1. Geographic distribution of Theileria Parva  (the causative agent of East Coast fever) in Uganda.
  2. Population genetic structure of Theileria Parva and its implications for control strategies in Uganda.
  3. Exploring the use of tick vaccines to control ticks and tick borne diseases in Uganda.
  4. Spatial distribution of Brucella antibodies in Uganda
  5. Sero-prevalence and risk factors for exposure of free-range poultry to avian influenza viruses in Uganda
  6. Response of Nkedi Zebu and Ankole cattle to tick infestation and natural tick-borne, Helminth and Trypanosome infections in Uganda
  7. Indigenous cattle breeds and factors enhancing their variation, potential challenges of intensification and threats to genetic diversity,   
  8. Patterns of indigenous cattle Morphometric traits variations in Uganda.

Dr. Jesca Nakayima


Senior Research Officer – Biotechnology

Dr. Jesca Nakayima is a PhD graduate from Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (2014). She specialized in Molecular epidemiology; Dissertation: Molecular epidemiological study of protozoan and other zoonotic diseases from two countries in Africa. Jesca holds a Master of Wildlife Health & Management (MWHM) from Makerere University and a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) from Makerere University, in 2006 and 2002 respectively. She joined National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO)/National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI) in June 2006, where she has worked to-date. Jesca has worked under the Biotechnology section then later Livestock health Program. She has participated in the surveillance and control of Trypanosomiasis; but also worked on the Molecular epidemiology of Zoonoses, Protozoan parasites, Helminths, Wildlife diseases, Tick-borne diseases, Viruses, among others.

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine,
  • Master of Wildlife Health & Management,
  • Post graduate diploma: Molecular Biology & Biotechnology MMB, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.
  • PhD Molecular Epidemiology, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.

Mr. Angiro Christopher

Email –


Senior Lab Technician – Apicultre

Christopher holds a Diploma and a Certificate in Beekeeping from Nyabyeya Forestry College. He is tasked with the responsibilities of: Maintaining NaLIRRI demonstration apiary and the bee forage garden, identifying nectar and pollen sources for honey bees, collecting and conserving indigenous bee genetic resources, collecting and preparing laboratory and field samples and specimens of bee disease vectors and vectors and honey bee pests for processing and analysis, examining bees to detect the presence of disease, trapping, collecting, identifying honey bee pests and carrying out pesticide and sensitivity assays, monitoring and observing experiments, recording data and writing reports and summaries of findings, preparing laboratory materials and maintaining equipment, reagents, chemicals, utilities and facilities in clean condition.

Christopher has skills in:

Nucleic Acid Extraction, Research, Biosafety and Biosecurity, Apiculture and his greatest interest is in conservation of honeybee genetic diversity.


Dr. Rogers Ruyu Azabo


Research Officer – Livestock Entomologist

Dr. Rogers Ruyu Azabo holds a Master in Veterinary Preventive Medicine and a Bachelors in Veterinary Medicine. He is based at National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI), Tororo of National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO).

Rogers  coordinates a project entitled Development of an appropriate  tsetse  control strategy.

  • Master in Veterinary Preventive Medicine (MVPM)
  • Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine (BVM)

Ms. Diana Namayanja


Research Officer – Apicultural Scientist

Diana is a MSc. Zoology (Entomology) candidate. She holds a Bsc. (Biological sciences), PGDE and a Certificate in Beekeeping for Poverty Alleviation (UGent).

Diana has worked on a number of beekeeping projects as a team member which include Developing Innovative tools and technologies for increased beekeeping productivity in Uganda, Molecular characterisation of honey bee diseases in Uganda, Development and Commercialisation of bee products in Uganda as well as technical backstopping of apiary sub projects under the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project Phase II (LVEMP II).

She is currently completing her MSc. Zoology (Entomology) degree at Makerere University with funding from Regional Universities Forum (RUFORUM) under the project “Enhancing Production and Incomes in the Honey Value Chain Through Addressing the Challenges of Pests and Parasites of Honeybees in Uganda.”


Mr. Joseph Masaba Kibuye


Senior Lab Technician – Animal Breeding

Mr Joseph Masaba Kibuye holds a BSc. Agriculture Animal Science option.

Joseph participated in livestock breeding activities for cattle to improve them for milk production, traction power, and beef production. Developed improved goats breeds for meat production and participated in the development of improved chicken under free-range management.

Joseph participated in the NARO impact assessment both ante and ex post assessments in social economic scientists to assess their impact on environment. In the analysis of integrated crop/livestock farming systems, we did on farm participatory evaluation of livestock technologies. Work was also done in the pastoral and agro-pastoral systems research and development in Katakwi through improvement of the indigenous cattle through crossbreeding for milk production. By the use of structured questionnaires both quantitative and qualitative data was captured and through coding qualitative data could be analysed and synthesis. Routine project monitoring and evaluation was also done. Work was also done on specimen and sample collection on cattle, goats and chickens for NaLIRRI in order to extract DNA to do gene profiling and develop genetic trees to assess relationship of genes within and between livestock breeds.

Supervision of students from universities (Gulu, Busitema), collages and schools from undergraduates to certificate levels respectively. Over 120 university and 2000 other students.

A summary of recent breakthroughs or achievements
  • Participated in the development and wide dissemination of the SAARI crossbred chicken, a dual purpose early maturing and highly productive chicken.
  • Developed on farm participatory goat and pig improve programs.
  • Develop training materials and brochures for livestock technologies.
  • Generate and evaluate at least two filial generations from 200 elite indigenous chickens from four Ecotypes for egg and meat production on station.

Agnes Otim

Email –


Research Officer – Apicultural Scientist

Agnes holds a MSc, in Tropical bees and bee keeping and is based at the National Livestock Resources Research Institute, NaLIRRI.

Agnes is pursuing a PhD at Gulu University is studying The Performance of African honeybees in four Agro-ecological zones in Uganda: Western highlands, Mid North, Eastern and Lake Victoria Crescent. Besides she also participated in studies that developed the:

  1. Integrated management strategies for predators and pests of the honeybee.
  2. National beekeeping calendar.
  3. and Validated apiary Management Technologies for harvesting, extraction,   packaging and storage of bee products in Uganda.
  • MSc, Tropical bees and bee keeping,
  • BSc, (Botany Zoology),  and 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education PGDE.

Mr. Stephen kayiwa


Senior Lab Technician – Forage Agronomist

Stephen holds Bachelor’s in Agriculture Extension and Education of Makerere University. Diploma in General Agriculture, Certificate in Resource Mobilization and Utilization.

Research activities:

  • Assessment of the status of livestock water resources in Karamoja.
  • A comparative analysis of phosphorous fertilizer regimes on seed production of Lablab
  • Effect of cutting frequency and cutting height on dry matter yield and nutritive value of (Brachiaria cv mulato ) for fodder production in Uganda
  • Effect of intercropping Brachiaria cv mulato with forage legumes on dry matter yield and chemical composition as fodder grass in Uganda
  • Evaluation of ADVANTA forage sorghum for biomass yield and nutritive value for fodder production.
  • ILCA (East African Multi-Locational forage evaluation at (Namulonge, Kabanyolo and Mbarara.
  • International Livestock Centre for Africa. Agronomic studies in forage legumes seed production of Siratro and Centro.

Mr. Kigongo John


Senior Lab Technician – Anim. Mgt. Specialist

Kigongo holds: Certificate and Diploma in Agriculture, Certificate (Artificial Insemination), Diploma in Dairy Husbandry and Milk Processing (DHMP) and BSc. In Animal Production Technology and Management (BAP).

Kigongo dealt with forage, feed and animal production technologies/innovations; development of dissemination materials; On-farm and On-station capacity building of stakeholders and routine management and in-charge of the dairy research unit.


Kabirizi, J,; Turinawe, A.; Nangooti, N.; Akwanga, D. and Kigongo., J. 2009. The impact of improved forage technologies on profitability of dairy enterprise and factors affecting utilization of technologies .Book of Abstracts of the  9th African Crop Science Society Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, 28th September t0 1st  October 2009. Abstract Number 56: Page 47.

Kabirizi, J.; Alicai, T.; Molo, R.; Nielsen. S.; Kigongo, J. 2010. Napier stunt disease in Uganda: Farmers’ perception and effect on fodder yield. In: Thoruwa, C.;Mwangi, M.; Abukutsa-Onyango, M.;  Monda, E. Ndeda, R. Cyiza, B.; Okaka, A.; Kabirizi, Enie, R.O. 2010. African women in Science and Engineering conference proceedings. A decade into the 21st century; The contribution of African women scientists and Engineers, 18th – 20th August 2010, Nairobi, Kenya. pp. 149-154.

Mugerwa S, Kabirizi J.M., Kigongo J, Zziwa E.., 2011. A cost-benefit analysis for utilization of poultry manure in cabbage production among smallholder crop-livestock farmers.  International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR) ISSN: 2223-7054.  Vol. 1, No. 2, p. 14-19, 2011

Kabirizi, J.; Mugerwa, S.; Ziwa, E.; Nanyennya, W.; Matovu, M.; Kigongo, J., Komutunga E., Agona A. 2011. The Role of Forages in Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change in Smallholder Crop-Livestock Systems, Transcript document.

Kigongo, J., Paul, B., Zziwa, E., Maass, B.L. and Kabirizi, J.M. 2013. Assessing drought tolerance of five improved forage legumes to improve smallholder dairy productivity in Uganda. Poster prepared for ‘Agricultural development within the rural-urban continuum’, Tropentag, Stuttgart, Germany, 17-19 September 2013. Uganda: Makerere University: 434.


Mr. Kigozi Abasi


Research Officer – Animal Nutritionist

Abasi holds a MSc in Animal Science from Makerere University. He has studied Agricultural Science and specialised in Farm Animal Resources’ Characterization, Production & Conservation Technologies. He is also a World Food Program-trained specialist in Hunger management (Causes, Consequences & Responses) and has been exposed to the concept of Agricultural Community Leadership And Development Of Sustainable Agricultural Based Rural Communities.

Abasi is Currently leading the NARO-CGS project aimed at Exploiting Ugandan bentonites in suppressing aflatoxicosis-induced decline in animal productivity and aflatoxin carry-over in animal products. He is also the team leader for a livestock feed evaluation project aimed at Evaluating the possibility of utilizing sorghum and Tithonia diversifolia as alternative feed resources in smallholder dairy cattle systems.

Abasi is the secretary of both the Science Committee as well as the Reporting and Communications Committee of the National Livestock Resource Research Institute.


MSc in Animal Science.


Ms. Ziwena Nantongo


Research Officer – Animal Breeding

Ziwena holds a Master of science degree in animal science and a Bachelor of science in Agriculture both of Makerere University.

She is a hard working self-driven animal scientist with high experience in management for beef production. Right from farm establishment, breed selection and nutrition management to ensure production good animals for slaughter, to carcass and meat quality evaluation to meet the consumer demands.

She has been involved with several research projects to assist in animal management, data collection, analysis and report writing, which improved her agricultural research capacity. Ziwena is currently a Livestock breeding scientist with the National Agricultural Research organisation under the National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI). where she has gained more experience in agricultural research and project management.

Ziwena is a project leader for a beef cattle nutrition project aimed at ‘Development of supplementary feed rations for beef cattle in Uganda’s extensive grazing areas’. She is also the chairperson of the institute reporting and communication committee.


Mr. Godfrey Nsereko


Research Officer – Livestock Helminthologist

Godfrey holds a Bachelors degree in Veterinary Medicine (BVM) & an MSc in veterinary preventive medicine. Godfrey also trained in veterinary technology and obtained a certificate in diagnostic pathology from the National Institute of Animal Health in Tsukuba science city, Japan. Godfrey also has certificates in immunology in the tropics and in Bio-safety  and bio-risk management.

Current engagements:

Currently Godfrey heads two research projects; (1) on  development of ethno-veterinary products for control and treatment of ecto and endo parasites in livestock which involve harnessing local materials (2) on assessment of risk factors for notifiable livestock diseases in Uganda which involves developing early warning systems to enable early predictions outbreaks of these diseases in the commonly affected areas.

Areas of interest:

Livestock Helminths, immunology, diagnostic pathology, ethno-veterinary, Virology.


Mr. Joseph Okiring


Human Resource & Admin Officer – Farm Management

Joseph is currently pursuing a MSc. in Animal Science of Makerere University and a Masters in Management Studies (Project Planning and Management) of Uganda Management Institute. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management (DPPM) of Uganda Management Institute, B. Agric. of Gulu University and a National diploma in Animal Production and Management of Arapai Agricultural College and is based at our Tororo main office.

Joseph has worked with NARO/ NaLIRRI as a Farm Manager since 2012, Heifer International (Anyara CDP – HPI/ MVP – Kaberamaido district) as a Project Officer, Kaberamaido District NAADS Programme (Anyara Sub County) as Agricultural Advisory Services Provider (AASP – Livestock), Pallisa District NAADS Programme (Agule Sub County) as Frontline Extension Worker – Livestock and Cabrieri Mixed Farm – Jinja district as a Farm Manager.

  • MSc. Animal Science Student (MAK),
  • MMS Student (UMI),
  • Post Graduate Diploma in DPPM (UMI),
  • BSc. Agric (Gulu)
  • Diploma in Animal Production & Management (Arapai Agric. College – Soroti)