Apiculture is one of the important undertakings in the current government programs of poverty alleviation in Uganda. It provides enormous potential for income generation, poverty alleviation, sustainable use of forest resources and diversifying the export base of the country. The potential for beekeeping is not yet fully exploited in Uganda due to challenges in production such as poor housing, disease and parasite challenges as well as lack of knowledge and skills for handing, processing and adding value to bee products.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, NaLIRRI is generating and disseminating innovations aimed at promoting bee production and value-addition to bee products in a bid to raise the business and food-security potential of the apiculture sub-sector so as to create opportunities for local beekeepers and sector players. It is expected that innovative tools and technologies for increased beekeeping productivity in Uganda will promote country-wide enhancement of poverty alleviation efforts

Current research efforts include investigating the presence and distribution bee pathogens and their effects on the honeybees in Uganda; characterization of bee products from different agro-ecological zones; developing scientific protocols for value addition, quality assurance and tractability of bee products as well as developing bee products acceptable to national standards.

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