NaLIIRI Strategic Plan 2017-2022

National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI) is one of the 16 semi-autonomous Public Research Institute established under the Laws of Uganda. It owes origin from the colonial era and the subsequent East African Community organisations which disintegrated into national entities. To elevate its specialized livestock research and related services to the next level, the Institute has formulated a transformation strategy for concerted stakeholder involvement in technology generation and dissemination; enhanced efficient and effective operations; and sustainable resource mobilization and utilization. These components are deemed vital for strategic tenets and focus to propel NaLIRRI into competitive advantage to excel in delivering the targeted public good.
Initially expert opinion informal interviews were conducted to staff and targeted stakeholders who provided ground for assessing the internal and external environments (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) influencing NaLIRRI operations from which critical factors were extracted to guide the strategic focus, excellence and sustainability of institute resource portfolio and deliverables. These components formed the basis for shaping our organisational philosophy (mission, values and vision) upon which the Strategic Plan 2016-2011 is based.

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