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Many people are now practicing livestock farming in Uganda as their main investment in order to get some money to put in their pockets to sustain their families and meet the different basic needs in life. This is the main reason as to why DFCU women’s club decided to come and visit the National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLIRRI) the leading institute in livestock technologies and activities in Uganda.

This tour was led by Dr. Kato and Mr. Kigozi Abasi who guided the ladies through the different activities and technologies at the institute. They went to the field where they showcased the different types of nutritious pastures that are drought resistant and can be grown in all seasons be it rainy or dry. These pastures can be mixed as directed by scientists so that you feed your animals on a nutritious meal which will make them healthy with quality meat and high quantity milk.

It is obvious that everyone knows beef and milk are sources of income in the livestock sector, but did u know that you can practice pasture conservation and production as a business? You can carry out pasture conservation and production as a business where by you mix the different pastures to make a nutritious meal for the animals then you sell it to other farmers. Dr. Kato And Mr. Kigozi put emphasis on teaching the ladies ways of how they can conserve their pasture, mix them to make them nutritious and the machinery used in the easy piling of this pasture because they believe that few people practice pasture conservation as a business and this would be the best business for these ladies because there’s limited or no competition.

They were also taught how to make silage (fermented pasture) which is made by putting it in a moist area where it can be kept for long to make it become more nutritious in order to get quality meat and quantity milk that a farmer can as well sell to make good profits.

The farmers were so appreciative and they promised to invest in livestock and always come back to NaLIRRI for more consultations because they believe with NaLIRRI, the livestock business can never fail them.

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